Wells Built Home

Wells Built Home was founded in 2007 out of a need for creative solutions in the residential renovation industry.  High quality, stellar customer service, and education are the foundation by which we build not only our homes and small commercial projects, but our business.  

We serve the Upper Cumberland Region with a focus on Putnam County and Cookeville, Tennessee.

We love to work with folks who understand that education is a necessary part of renovating and designing a space.  

I always tell people, ‘You’re going to get an education (when designing and remodeling your home or home for your business), either on the front-end or the back-end.’  Let’s make it both an educational and enjoyable experience!

 – Serina

Serina Wells

Principle Designer/Owner @ Wells Built Home

I am a creative, doer, designer, builder, visionary, project manager (aka professional cat herder), mother of 2 tiny creatives and wife of an extraordinary furniture maker/mechanical engineer.  


Bachelors of Psychology from Tennessee Technology University,  with a minor in Housing and Design

Certified TN Master Gardener

Wells Built Home Services

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  • Renovation Design
  • Project Management
  • Interior Finish Selection
  • Small Business Office Design 
  • Event Space Design
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  • DIY Construction Consulting
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Inspired to Empower Women

As a part of my own experience as the Chairman of the Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build in 2013 and onsite crew leader, I realized how rewarding it is to teach women to build something with their own two hands.  When you experience the confidence that oozes from a women that has just held a power tool (perhaps for the very first time) and learned exactly how to use it, it is nothing short of inspiring!  The ‘I got this!’ attitude coupled with endless possibilities of what she now can achieve with this new found skill and confidence can move mountains! 

This inspired me to want to impart all the knowledge and confidence in building and construction onto as many women as possible.  Not everyone has the opportunity to be a part of an all women construction crew and learn basic building skills in an environment that builds confidence. To be able to say ‘I don’t understand that’ or ‘Can you show that to me one more time?’ without the fear of being ridiculed or judged.  Some women don’t even have the ability or confidence to ask those around them (aka husband) to show them how to use a jigsaw or a chop saw. 

If you have ever had the want to build a project, but had to wait for your husband to do it for you or just didn’t know where to start, you may be interested in learning how to build for yourself, in an room full of other women, just like yourself – a desire to learn, an attitude that you can do it if you are just shown how, and a spirit to encourage others.

I want to show you how…

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You may have met me while volunteering at some of our amazing organizations here in Cookeville, or seen me in the paper showcasing them.  I can’t help but give back to the  community that I LOVE!  I urge you to jump in and help where YOU can.  Here are some that I love and how I help those who help others.   Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about any of them.

Putnam County Master Gardeners – Past Vice President/Project Chairman

Food To The Rescue – On-Site Volunteer Coordinator 

Cookeville Children’s Musueum – Exhibit Construction Contributor/Consultant

Ladies Lunch and Learn – Co-Founder

The Biz Foundry – Principle Entrepreneur Center Designer/Project Manager

Putnam County Habitat for Humanity – Past  Women Build Chairman

Upper Cumberland United Soccer Club – Coach/Tournament Volunteer Coordinator

Heart of the City Playground – Construction Captain/Tool Chick