Definition of ‘Wells-Built’

To understand what it is to be Wells-Built, we need to understand 2 other definitions as understood in English:

1. well-built*


1built to be strong or to work well

 well-built house/car/system

2physically strong or attractive


*(It’s of interesting note that the usage for ‘well-built’ has fallen off significantly in the last couple decades.  According to Collins English Dictionary, ‘well-built’ is in the bottom 10% of 30000 most commonly used words in the the English language.  That’s down from 18% in 1992.  I can only speculate that it because things just aren’t as well-built as they used to be.)


You will not find this one in the dictionary.  To have a product that is well-designed or well-built is one thing, to have it ‘Wells-Designed’ is quite another. 




artistically and skillfully planned and executed for a specific entity and function.  

As you walked into the space, you could clearly tell it was Wells-Built.

Serina Wells 

As a society, we still value things that are well-designed, but we have strayed away from implementing them in a way that will stand the test of time.  No longer do we take the time to plan all the details of a project, use materials and craftsman that will yield a product that will be enjoyed for generations.  We live in a disposable, fast paced world in which we want it done yesterday.  This haste erodes our sense of self and degrades our values.  That’s ok for some, but for the rest of us…

Wells Built Home stands for Well-Designed and Well-Built


Wells Built Home.com is currently being ‘Wells-Designed’ itself.  Please explore a couple of project photos in the meantime and please visit me on social media.  Feel free to contact me to inquire about your next project interior, small business, remodel, and garden design needs.

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